top of the best video players

top of the best video players

Android video players are legion, in recent years the solutions offered on the Play Store have multiplied and some stand out clearly. Certainly, those installed by default on our smartphones can be very effective. Nevertheless they can quickly show their limit. Here is a selection of applications that we have concocted. An effective video player is above all a video player that lives with its time since we do not always have the videos stored on our smartphone but on a server, a NAS or any other storage medium. It needs an application that can adapt with our uses in perpetual evolution.
Our selection of applications will suit different profiles, whether you prefer to play videos stored only on your smartphone, tablet, etc … or not, you will find your happiness.
Mobo Player
A very good multimedia player that works with a system of plugins to add codecs and read better your video files. Hardware acceleration is not supported, but it does not stop the application that does its job well on 1080p Full HD files. Streaming playback is also one of his great strengths.

All formats are recognized, subtitle management is flawless and you also preview videos before launching them. It is light enough and is very unlikely to fail you. A sure value and a very good choice!

KMPlayer offers a user-friendly interface that will appeal to the majority of users. It is compatible with a large number of formats (3G2, 3gp, 3GP2, Amv, Asf, Avi, Divx, f4v, flv, gvi, iso, mv, m2v, mkv, mov, mp2, mp4, mp4v, mpeg, MPEG1, MPEG2, ogm, OGX, rec, rm, avi, tod, vob and wmv). It also supports a dozen subtitle formats to do nothing to spoil the experience. You can easily increase or decrease the sound thanks to the shortcuts. Returns on the Play Store are generally positive and the application enjoys a certain popularity with 10 to 50 million installations.
We no longer present VLC, the free and open source multi-platform video player. It is efficient and supports many formats such as: MKV, MP4, AVI, MOV, Ogg, FLAC, TS, M2TS, Wv and AAC.
 The application has been downloaded more than 100 million times on the Play Store, a sign of enormous popularity in the world of the little green robot. However, the publisher has not updated this since August 12, 2016, one year at the time these lines are written.
Why integrate AllCast to our selection? Simply because it is a powerful tool for streaming fans. With it, you do not need to watch the videos on your smartphone screen since you can stream them to your Chromecast, Smart TV or Xbox while continuing to perform other tasks with your Android smartphone. Even the Apple TV is supported by the app.
 Only small problem, in the free version, video playback is limited to 5 min. To be able to take full advantage of it, it will be necessary to opt for the Premium version proposed at a price of 3.65 euros in the Play Store. Small tip, before buying the paid version, first download the free version to check the compatibility of your equipment.
MX Player
If you have searched at least once for a video player, you probably know about MX Player, a reference on the Play Store. Remarkable efficiency, the interface is very intuitive. She uses horizontal and vertical gestures. Hardware acceleration, subtitle management or zoom on the videos! Codecs are downloadable separately. The app is free, but a paid version is also available to support the developers of this great app!
 MX Player does not have much to prove on Android and unless a disaster, it should remain one of the references in his field. Long present on Android, it is the first city when looking for an alternative video player on the mobile OS of Google.
Archos Player
 Archos also offers its application on the Play Store. The manufacturer offers a particularly interesting solution. In addition to the content available on the smartphone, the media player is able to access your NAS or other available device on the network via SMB, UPnP. The video library is organized automatically by grouping the files available through the different sources.
The application also benefits from an interface adapted to Android TV, which is not the case for all its competitors. It supports AC3 / DTS passthrough (HDMI or S / PDIF) for compatible devices: Nexus Player, NVidia SHIELD TV, Rockchip-based TV boxes and AmLogic. A night mode is also proposed to not spoil the user experience. A competing solution to Plex and Kodi to consider without a doubt. Regarding Archos Player, a free version is available on the store of Google, but also a fee.
  Wondershare Player
Some may remember the different Wondershare software available for computers, dedicated to conversions of all kinds. Well, Wondershare also has a video player available on Android, and it defends itself very well. It is also free, so it will only cost you time to try it.

One of the features that sets Wondershare Player apart is its ability to help you find new videos to watch. Most codecs are read by the application and of course the subtitles as well.
We end with BSPlayer, which is not the oldest, but which is very solid, especially in terms of its hardware management. If you have a tablet or a powerful phone, he will be able to exploit their capabilities. One of the biggest competitors of MX Player!
 BSPlayer is one of the biggest competitors to MX Player, thanks to its very good management of hardware acceleration. What delight those who have a smartphone and a high-end tablet with a processor. However, the interface will not please everyone.
Kodi is the image of VLC, a widespread platform solution. The ex XBMC is a weighty player who has built a solid reputation over time, it is possible to read the content available on his Android device or remotely from a NAS or any storage device in network.
 The editor is currently bringing new updates to its solution and the interface has been designed for our expensive touch screens, convenient ergonomic point of view. It is worth noting that the installation of many plugins is also part of the game to push the limits of possibilities.
Another popular solution that allows to enjoy its multimedia content from anywhere. The operation is still a bit different from all the solutions we have mentioned so far, because to work you need a server on one side and a reader on the other that takes the form of a web browser or a application.
 In addition, you must first register directly on the site of the publisher to recognize its servers if there are several and it allows to view the content on them from everywhere. The Android application is limited to one minute of viewing, it will go to checkout to unlock this limit can be quickly frustrating.
The app can play videos stored on the Android terminal for a short time and you can also use Plex with a Chromecast. The publisher also offers a Pass that allows for example to use his account Dropbox, Google Drive or Onedrive to view the content stored there.
AC3 Player
 As the name suggests, the media player supports the AC3 without installing any additional plugin. Its interface is particularly attractive and easy to handle by taking over the codes of Material Design Google. It supports many video and audio formats. Subtitles are supported, playback speed control and a sleep timer are part of the menu of this mouth-watering multimedia player that we recommend you try! To avoid spoiling, this one is available for free.
Here is our selection of applications to play videos on your smartphone, tablet or any other device running Android. For your part, do not hesitate to tell us in the comments the solutions that you are used to.
Which one do you think is the best? And why ? What does it bring you more than another? Do you use one that has not been mentioned in our selection? Tell us everything.

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