to make KRACK forget, a new flawless protocol arrives in 2018!

wifi wpa3 faille krack

Wi-Fi networks will benefit from a new security protocol from 2018, the WPA3, to make us forget the KRACK fault that has damaged its predecessor. The Wi-Fi Alliance announces that the security will be enhanced compared to WPA2 which is the most used protocol currently on our Wi-Fi routers. We take stock of the announcements made by the consortium of industrialists.
 The Wi-Fi WPA2 flaw named KRACK (Key Reinstallation Attacks) is still in the memories, many devices are still vulnerable today for lack of follow-up from some manufacturers. KRACK will make us live for years with Wi-Fi networks drilled, the time that routers are replaced. Meanwhile, the Wi-Fi Alliance that deals with wireless standards is preparing for the future and unveiling the WPA3, more robust.
Wi-Fi WPA3: the new flawless protocol arrives in 2018, to make KRACK forget
Before going into the thick of it, the Wi-Fi Alliance points out that the WPA2 protocol is already 14 years old and it was now time to find a replacement who will arrive later in the year 2018. However, some improvements are planned for WPA2 including configuration and authentication to reduce the risk of hacking. Then, WPA3 will offer much more security to users of Wi-Fi networks, as theNextWeb points out. Four main points are mentioned.
Better protection even when users choose passwords that are too simple or do not meet minimum complexity guidelines
Simplified configuration when the devices to be connected have a display interface that is too limited
Enhanced 192-bit security that will benefit large industrial groups and sensitive industries
Data encryption to protect users using open Wi-Fi networks
This good news is likely to reassure future purchasers of devices that will be compatible with the WPA3 expected in the course of the year 2018. Regarding the devices already marketed, it will largely depend manufacturers. KRACK has left painful memories especially to owners of Android smartphones and no doubt that the manufacturers will do what is necessary so that a similar incident does not happen again soon.

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