The New York Times publishes a beautiful book dedicated to Star Wars – Tech

The New York Times publishes a beautiful book dedicated to Star Wars - Tech

Because you were missing a prestigious book on the most popular space saga in history, the New York Times decided to compile almost 50 years of media coverage in a collection.
        Founded in 1851, the prestigious New York Times has not missed the release of any Star Wars. In the late 1970s, his critics and reporters were already there to follow the young Lucas making what would become a timeless sci-fi saga. In the 1990s and 2000s, the American newspaper was still on the bridge to see the prelogy arrive. And today, he is always first on news, reviews and other exclusives when it comes to talking about new episodes produced under the Disney banner.

To celebrate almost 50 years of media coverage, the New York Times has just published a beautiful book of 30 by 38 centimeters, designed in the United States and gathering much of the news and stories around the Star Wars that have made the columns of the newspaper. In color, its pages are full of articles, interviews, reviews, graphics and beautiful photos – the newspaper also promises some exclusives. The print looks particularly pretty and the cover, while sober, but still reminding the black space, invites to expose the book to stir the curiosity of your guests.
The price of the book is in the standard of beautiful books: it will take 70 dollars for a classic edition (57 €) or 80 dollars (65 euros) for an edition with your name printed on the cover. In France, it will be necessary to add 60 euros of various expenses. Be aware that these euros do not multiply as fast as the number of books in your basket: if you decide to crack, think maybe to group your purchases with other fans.




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