The Good Plan of the Day: robot vacuum cleaner "roborock vacuum" is 375 euros – Tech

The Good Plan of the Day: robot vacuum cleaner "roborock vacuum" is 375 euros - Tech

                        Today, the roborock vacuum robotic vacuum is at 375 euros on GearBest with the promo code "NEWXMVCM".
        Do you find that doing your housework takes up too much time? And if you let a device do it for you? Today Vacuum Robot Vacuum Second Generation is offered at 375 euros on GearBest with promo code: NEWXMVCM.

This robot vacuum cleaner is very discreet thanks to its clean design. It embeds a 360 ° laser that maps the room and multiple sensors, allowing it to move freely in a room avoiding various obstacles and even a potential fall on the stairs. In addition, its wheels allow it to climb obstacles up to 2 cm.

It has a battery life of about 2 hours thanks to its 5200 mAh battery. Compared to the old version, this new robot vacuum cleaner also allows washing floors with a MOP and an integrated water tank. It incorporates other novelties such as the ability to wash the filter and a larger dust tank.
Its mobile application, compatible with iOS and Android, gives access to multiple parameters and features such as time programming, or the customization of the trajectory of the robot.
Why we recommend this product?
It is rather compact
It offers interesting features
He can quickly become indispensable
Attention, the number of pieces is limited! It is also available in first generation version for 242 euros with the coupon code: Novblacmirob1. This first generation vacuum cleaner is sent from a European warehouse.

Promo code «NEWXMVCM»
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