Forget about the 8K, here is a TV OLED rollable signed LG – Tech

Forget about the 8K, here is a TV OLED rollable signed LG - Tech

Temple of innovation, the CES 2018 hosts a roll-up OLED TV.
        Just days before CES 2018, LG unveiled an impressive 88-inch (223.5 cm) 8-inch OLED TV. A logical and expected evolution in the race for resolution, without the current sources really need it. More enticing, the Korean manufacturer stands out again this year, presenting a screen based on the same display technology, but having the particularity of being rollable. Of UHD obedience, it claims a size of 65 inches (165 cm).

We see it, we see it more
After a first concept – a 12-inch foldable and roll-up OLED screen – several years ago, LG brings to life a specimen of a much more ambitious size. Like some projection canvases, it can bend and unfold to envy by coming in a box that resembles a discreet piece of furniture. It shows the possibility of completely hide a TV in a living room, with waouh effect of circumstance, as well as various professional uses and varied. According to a video demo recorded by our colleagues from, there is no need to remount it entirely. This adaptability would be a public place depending on the amount of information to display.

It should be noted that LG had prepared the ground last October, with the commercialization of such a technology by 2020. Obviously, it is already functional with a rather fast mechanism. It remains to be seen if there is a real market for a product of this ilk, and if consumers really want to hide their beautiful expensive television, just waiting to be lit permanently in the presence of visitors.

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