Facebook changes the rules … but the underlying problem remains

One after another, Facebook has announced two important changes in the sorting and display of the news feed of its users. What to react the media, which are sometimes widely concerned. It remains to ask the right questions.Facebook has announced that, from now on, its users would see less content from the pages. This concerns brands, but also press publishers. Suffice to say that the sector has welcomed the news rather coldly, analyzes and edits multiplying to explain why the decision of Facebook is bad (or good) for our democracies.
It must be said that many titles have surfed in recent years on the traffic that could send them the social network, not hesitating to optimize their content, their titles and topics treated to what works best with the public such a service. At risk of becoming addicted.
But this was just the first step and Facebook has just unveiled its "second Kiss Cool effect": highlighting "high quality content". For those who follow a little industry, it is a kind of cream pie evoked by the giants of the Net when it comes to sorting information through their algorithms.
Google is already quite customary, without ever really being able to convince. This, despite the many updates within its search results or its news service.
Distinguish quality content, this old promise

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