Disappointing, controversial, missed: the 5 video games of 2017 that we want to forget – Pop culture

Disappointing, controversial, missed: the 5 video games of 2017 that we want to forget - Pop culture

Nothing is ever beautiful or rosy. Even when it comes to video games. 2017 is a year of disappointment.
        As in all other areas related to the world of entertainment, the video game has its share of happiness and disappointment. In 2017, we can say that we have been, overall, spoiled, as evidenced by our top 5 of the year. But a handful of productions have not been touched by success for a variety of reasons.
Again, this is not a hard rank, just as we do not just evoke video games missed because of an unplayable gameplay (this is less and less). If they are in the list, it is because these titles have made talk about them for the wrong reasons or they have proved as wet crackers, turning expectations into cruel disillusionment.

1-2-Switch (Switch)
Certainly, we recommended 1-2-Switch in our selection of games to spend a good Christmas Eve and / or New Year. So you can say that his presence here is nonsense. This is not entirely false.
Except that 1-2-Switch, so fun it is the time of a few hours and laughs, does not justify the 40 € requested by Nintendo. As a technical demo for the hybrid console, he deserved, like a Wii Sports, to accompany the switch in the box. Free. At a high price, it's a scam. A fun scam, but a scam anyway.

Mass Effect Andromeda (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
Expected by a horde of fans having spent many hours on the original trilogy, Mass Effect Andromeda is undoubtedly the immense disappointment of 2017.
Not very well written, epic, short in a straight line and technically paralyzed, the RPG is a real cold shower that pushed BioWare to the state of crisis. Today, we even say that we are not ready to see a Mass Effect anytime soon. Pity.
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Sonic Forces (PS4, Xbox One, Swith, PC)
Why ? That's the big question that plagues our mind when we play Sonic Forces, Sega's latest attempt to deliver a 3D episode worthy of the name. The Japanese firm should perhaps make a reason and let the blue hedgehog – and players – in peace for a few years. Time to find inspiration.
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Star Wars Battlefront II (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
Star Wars Battlefront II is not missed. But DICE and Electronic Arts have played a little too much with the fire by betting on a slow progression to push the players to turn to micro-transactions.
A behavior pointed the finger before the launch and which forced the duet to see again very quickly its copy. It was well worth it to promise more content and make the Season Pass free …
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Gravity Rush 2 (PS4)
Gravity Rush 2 is the perfect example of the wrong good idea. Born on PS Vita, the franchise was declined on PlayStation 4 for obvious reasons of hearing. But here we are dealing with a 1.5 bathed in an open world necessarily empty and nauseating because of a camera indigent. He only has the charm of his universe to convince.
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